Economics 101 April 15, 2022


The recent increase in mortgage rates has started some home buyers to look at programs that have fixed rates for 7 years or 10 years instead of 30 years.

If a buyer believes it is likely they will move or even refinance within this timeframe, these types of programs can be a good option.

The obvious benefit is a lower monthly payment compared to a 30-year program. 

Another benefit, which most people underestimate, is the savings in interest.

Today, for example, a buyer would have these options:

  • 5.25% 30-year fixed
  • 4.375% 10-year fixed
  • 4.125% 7-year fixed

Over the first five years of the loan, the buyer would pay the following amounts in interest for each loan program for a $400,000 loan:

  • $101,126 for 30-year
  • $83,764 for 10-year
  • $78,831 for 7-year

So the savings in interest over the first five years compared to the 30-year program is:

  • $17,362 for 10-year
  • $22,295 for 7-year